This popped up on my Facebook memory wall today—

I never knew that there was such a thing called, Ambergris, but now I want to find some! Floating gold! I just read a story about a man in England who found a mass of Ambergris on his local beach. Well, his dog found it, but who’s going to argue that part.

Ambergris is whale vomit, specifically from a Sperm Whale, that has floated around the sea for years in the sun. The resulting product looks like a rock but has a more waxy feel to it. The find is extremely rare and very valuable. Although somewhat disgusting in nature, a chemical change happens that produces a very desirable aroma when aged over time. Ambergris is used in expensive perfume, such as Channel No. 5.

Can you imagine the following exchange: “Darling what are you wearing? It smells delightful!” The woman smiles and replies, “Whale vomit. Isn’t it divine?”

The man’s walk on the beach will produce a huge financial pay off for him–it is worth tens of thousands of dollars per pound! The next time you’re walking the surf, be on the look out for a yellowish-gray “rock” with a funky smell. It will pay for for your child to go to college or if your past that stage, the dream car you’ve always wanted!

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