My Coronavirus Camino–Week 14

I just finished Week 14 of my walking challenge, which I’ve nicknamed, ‘My Coronavirus Camino.’ The rules are simple, I’m going to walk every day for a minimum of two miles until I reach 500 miles. There is no rush to finish–I’m just going to do it! This ‘magic number’ is the length of the Camino Frances in France/Spain.

  • 6/18/2020–3.18 miles
  • 6/19/2020–4.62 miles
  • 6/20/2020–5.75 miles
  • 6/21/2020–2.05 miles
  • 6/22/2020–2.17 miles
  • 6/23/2020–2.12 miles
  • 6/24/2020–2.9 miles
Total for the Week--22.79 miles 
Total for 'My Coronavirus Camino'--402.73 miles

I didn’t take any pictures on my walks this week. I’ve been working a lot, so I feel like I work, walk, eat, sleep…repeat. I’ve now walked 98 days without skipping a single day! I’ve walked 402.73 miles, and I’ve lost 23 1/2 pounds! I’m looking forward to hitting ‘100 days of walking’ this upcoming week. I now have less than 100 miles of my challenge left. In case you’re wondering, I’m going set a new challenge when I reach my goal. You’ll have to keep reading to see what I decide to do!

7 thoughts on “My Coronavirus Camino–Week 14

  1. Lynn

    I’m so in awe of your adventuresome soul! The weight loss is great but I’m sure is just a side effect to your wonderful journey! Keep up the great work!

  2. Linda Sautter

    You must feel great! Over 20 pounds is super! Sorry you are not on an international adventure this year:/ keep on moving!

    1. mm Candee

      Yes–the weight loss feels great! Missing out on traveling this year–not so great! I had 11 weeks of international travel planned for 2020, which I had to cancel….such a bummer!

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