A Hard Habit to Break—

For those of you who know me, you know that one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks is an unsweetened iced tea, preferably with extra lemon. I’m definitely not giving up that habit! Instead, I’m trying to re-train myself to not rip open the plastic straw that seems to be automatically brought out to the table at every restaurant all across America.

I know that not using a straw seems insignificant, but it’s an easy place to start. We all know that we have too much plastic clogging our landfills and littering our roadways, open spaces, oceans, and beaches. We have to change, and we can begin—one straw at a time. When you break the straw habit, move on to cutting back on other types plastic packaging.

Check out this article—


A sea turtle will thank you!

Update—These to-go cups are designed to be used without straws. Of course, they’re made out of plastic, but straw waste is reduced! Baby steps…good job, Blaze Pizza!

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