Structured Word Inquiry Institute with Pete Bowers—

This week I attended the Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) Institute which was hosted by the Nueva School in San Mateo, CA for five days.

I hear you asking, “What is Structured Word Inquiry?”

The school’s website offers the following description—
“Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) is a scientific investigation of words: how word parts, structure, origin, and history over time come together to tell the story of what words mean, how words are connected, and how they are spelled.”

I learned so much! For example, I learned that morphemes can’t be pronounced until they are within a word. In isolation, they need to be spelled orally. I also learned SWI is accessible to all learners—-Pre-K through adults. My brain was stretched all week, and it felt so empowering to learn so many new things in such a short period of time.

I really hope that I can attend again!

Nueva School—San Mateo, CA

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