Chile: Church of San Pedro de Atacama…and Breakfast

Day 7/Part 1

My son Tyler had asked if we could bring back a bottle of wine from Chile for him. We had seen a wine store the first time we had walked through San Pedro de Atacama, but it had been closed. We decided to head into town once to take a few pictures, and to see if the store was open. We also wanted to see the Church of San Pedro de Atacama again. Built in the adobe style, this Catholic church was built during the Spanish Colonial Period and was declared a historical monument in 1951.

After looking at the church we headed toward the wine store. We were also looking for a place to have breakfast, and we stopped at a little place called, El Nortino Café. We ordered cappuccinos and we split an order of pancakes that was topped with mango, whipped cream, and honey (the honey was surprisingly dark–almost the color of molasses) and it was yummy!

Our waiter was super sweet and our meal was great!
Thank goodness we decided to split!

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