Castelo de São Jorge

Portugal 2019/Part 14–

After visiting the Tile Museum, Sussie, Christina, and I said our goodbyes at the Castelo de São Jorge. They flew home today, but they wanted to see the view from the castle before they left. Our time together flew by so quickly, and I had a lot of fun with them. Without much discussion, our travel vibe seemed to really mesh. Explore, relax, drink…repeat. I’m looking forward to the next Girl’s Vacation with them!

After they left for the airport, I strolled around the grounds of the castle for several hours. Built in the mid-11th, this hill top castle had a different role than other castles built at the time. Its purpose was to house military personal, rather than a residency for royalty. The views were magnificent and the castle itself was interesting.

Archeological ruins show evidence of three significant periods of human settlement in Lisbon.
Explore, relax, drink…repeat!
Before leaving the castle, I had a beer at a restaurant that had a nice view. In addition to recharging my batteries, I was also able to charge my phone as well.
After leaving the castle, I decided to walk “without a plan,” and I discovered a little shop that sold Portuguese Cod Cakes stuffed with cheese–delicious!
Does anyone need a rooster tchotchke? You may not need one, but they’re colorful!

I had a vague idea of where I was, and I knew that I was at a “high point,” so with that little bit of knowledge, I started walking “down.” I had read that if you don’t know where you are in Lisbon, follow the trolley lines downhill. Before long I started to recognize my surroundings from our jaunts on the previous days. After leaving the castle, I walked for about two more hours, just putting one foot in front of the other and having a great time!

Monastery of São Vicente de Fora
Top of the National Pantheon
National Pantheon–Lisbon

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