Book #23–A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome

This book title jumped out at me as I was browsing the shelves of an airport bookstore. I’ve completed the Camino de Santiago, not once, but twice. My feet have carried me 1,000 miles to Santiago, which is roughly the same distance from Canterbury to Rome. The author, Timothy Egan, has a really comfortable style of writing, that makes you feel like you’re walking with him. I wasn’t interested the religious of aspects of his journey, per se, but I did find the history fascinating, and I loved how he described all the stops and landmarks along the way. He has many great quotes in the book, but this one was my favorite—

But for many of us, malnutrition of the soul is a plague of modern life.

~Timothy Egan
Food for my soul–a good book, a nice lunch, and perfect weather!

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