My Coronavirus Camino–Week 9

I just finished Week 9 of my walking challenge, which I’ve nicknamed, ‘My Coronavirus Camino.’ The rules are simple, I’m going to walk every day for a minimum of two miles until I reach 500 miles. There is no rush to finish–I’m just going to do it! This ‘magic number’ is the length of the Camino Frances in France/Spain.

  • 5/14/2020–4.01 miles
  • 5/15/2020–3.45 miles
  • 5/16/2020–2.57 miles
  • 5/17/2020–7.49 miles
  • 5/18/2020–3.0 miles
  • 5/19/2020–2.22 miles
  • 5/20/2020–2.1 miles
Total for the Week--24.84 miles    
Total for 'My Coronavirus Camino'--283.19 miles 

I guess the biggest news that I have this week is that after walking 283.19 miles over 63 days straight, I’ve lost 20 pounds! Yes, I’m quite pleased!

Spring has sprung, and I’ve enjoyed being a silent observer each day that I walk. This week I walked around town, at the 3rd Winchester Battlefield, and on the C&O Canal.

Enjoying Spring–
C&O Canal–Shepherdstown, WV

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