My Coronavirus Camino–Week 16

I just finished Week 16 of my walking challenge, which I’ve nicknamed, ‘My Coronavirus Camino.’ The rules are simple, I’m going to walk every day for a minimum of two miles until I reach 500 miles. There is no rush to finish–I’m just going to do it! This ‘magic number’ is the length of the Camino Frances in France/Spain.

  • 7/2/2020–2.01 miles
  • 7/3/2020–2.68 miles
  • 7/4/2020–2.23 miles
  • 7/5/2020–6.1 miles
  • 7/6/2020–2.03 miles
  • 7/7/2020–2.58 miles
  • 7/8/2020–2.05 miles
Total for the Week--19.68 mies
Total for 'My Coronavirus Camino'--442.33 miles

I’m getting close to 450 miles—it will happen next week!  I’ve been struggling with my walks lately, because it’s been so hot–mid-90’s almost every day!  To help with this issue, and to help keep me motivated, I started a mini-challenge, which included the the later part of my dates listed above.  Check it out– Mystery Walk Challenge

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