My Little Herb Garden

I’ve had so much fun taking care of my little herb garden this summer, but even better, I’ve really enjoyed tasting the “fruits” of my labor. Almost every day for the last two months, I’ve brewed a batch of sun tea, which, of course, was the perfect vessel for mint. I grew two varieties–chocolate and variegated. I didn’t really have a favorite, both smelled and tasted delicious.

I grew multiple batches of dill from seed, and I also grew basil, oregano, chives, and rosemary which started from small plants.

Fresh from the garden…

My first dill plant finally hit the end of its growing cycle, but fortunately I began to grow another batch a few weeks ago to replace it. I’ve enjoyed the dill all summer, and today I was able to get slightly more than 1 TB of dill prior to pulling it up and discarding it. You may laugh, but I chopped it up and froze it. I can throw it in a batch of carrot soup, or some other creation this fall. My plan is to freeze most of what I can harvest from the new plant.

One lone cube of dill (1 TB) LOL!
Although not an herb, I also grew a pepper plant from seed…
Proud Mama! Two little peppers are forming & several blooms seem to be close behind.
I dehyrated the last of the Rosemary…the smell…heavenly!
Some of my homegrown produce from 2020

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