Bear Chase Brewing Company

I’m not sure how I managed to not hear about the Bear Chase Brewing Company before today…but that’s exactly what happened! Debbie had heard good things about it, and she asked if I wanted to try it out, so of course I agreed.

Looking over the valley below, the hillside “drinking lawn” just begs you to pull up a seat and stay awhile. As you can tell, the view is gorgeous, and there were plenty of different kinds of beer on tap to make everyone happy. We lucked out and went on a Tuesday, which unbeknownst to us was, “Taco Tuesday.” Great weather, beer, tacos from a food truck, and friends…it was just perfect. (So perfect that I dragged my friend Tom back the next day! We hiked on the A.T and then came over for a beer. He loved it, too!)

I absolutely love their logo–a bear paw with the Appalachian Trail running through the mountains.
Great people to hang out with….

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