The Incredible Hulk

Overhearing a conversation has two universal truths. The first is that you can’t ‘un-hear’ it. The second, is that shy of sticking your fingers in your ears, you can’t keep yourself from hearing it in the first place.

Bottom line—you’re stuck. Tonight at dinner, I was sitting in a booth and there were two women sitting in the booth next to me. I could only see their heads, as the rest of their bodies were concealed by the high-backed divider between the tables

I could tell by the way they were talking, that they had known each other for a long time, but hadn’t seen each other for awhile.
What follows is what I overheard—

Lady 1: “I decided to get another tattoo.”

Lady 2: “Another one? You already have so many!”

Lady 1: “I know, and my tattoo artist tried to talk me out of it. I told her what I wanted, and she asked me if I was sure. I assured her that
I had given it plenty of thought.”

Lady 2: “Why didn’t she want you to get it?”

Lady 1: She said that the best tattoos, in her opinion, are the ones that have personal meaning. She was worried that I’d regret it.”

Lady 2: “Regret it? What did you want?”

Lady 1: “The Incredible Hulk.”

Lady 2: “The Hulk?”

Lady 1: “Yeah—the big green guy!”

Lady 2: “I know who the Hulk is! Are you joking?”

Lady 1: “Nope.”

Lady 2: “Where?”

Lady 1: “My thigh. It covers the entire upper part of my leg.”

Lady 2: “Are you kidding?”

Lady 1: “I’ve always loved the Hulk—you know that!”

Lady 2: “Now I know that you’re shittin’ me!”

I actually snorted. I was so completely engrossed in their conversation, and I really couldn’t tell if the woman was teasing.

Lady 1: “I’m not shittin’ you! Do you want to see it?”

She stood up next to the table, and all I could see was that she had a skirt on. She slid the bottom of her skirt up her leg, and I strained to see around the booth.

Lady 2: “Shit! It’s huge!”

Lady 1: “Yup—and I love it!”

Never in my life have I wanted to see something so badly. A full thigh-sized Incredible Hulk tattoo—and I missed it!

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