A New Country & a New Hemisphere—

Pierre and I took off on our adventure early this morning. We traveled from Washington, D.C. to Panama City where we had a short layover, before flying to our final destination—Santiago, Chile. We flew business class on both legs on Copa Airlines, which made the trip super comfortable and relaxing.

This is a new country and hemisphere for both of us, so of course, we’re excited! We came down to see the full solar eclipse which is happening on Tuesday. This is another first for me, and it will be the second viewing for Pierre. He saw his first full solar eclipse from Sweetwater, Tennessee in 2017.

Flying Over Cuba—
Hello, Panama!

5 thoughts on “A New Country & a New Hemisphere—

  1. Tom Aitken

    All of this is very interesting, especially the parts about trying to convey ideas and messages in a foreign language. I hope you and Pete have a great trip, and I will continue to follow your journey.

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