Chile: Baby Wipes!

Day 4/Part 2–

We headed into the city of Calama to find a grocery store, and we were pleased to find a Lider, which is the South American version owned and operated by Wal-Mart.  In other words, it was a smaller version of the North American Wal-Mart Super Stores.  The store had everything from automotive, groceries, clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, and household supplies. We felt like we had struck gold! 

A Great Place to Stock Up

We stocked up on food and drinks, and our most important purchase—baby wipes!  If you’ve ever traveled through a desert environment before, you understand their value.  We have used them for every imaginable purpose—bathroom pit stops, grooming, wiping up small spills, ridding the interior of the car of dust and grime, etc.

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