Chile: Betting on Alpacas

Day 4/Part 3–

After shopping, we continued through the desert to San Pedro de Atacama, which would be our final stop for the day. Earlier in the trip, I had joked with Pierre and said that whoever saw the first alpaca would win a one- dollar finder’s fee.  We had pulled over to look at the snow-covered mountains in the distance, and I heard Pierre say, “You owe me a dollar.”

I rushed over to where he was standing and could see a pack of alpacas in the distance.  We watched them for a few minutes, and I said, “It’s a shame that they aren’t closer, so we could see them better.” I counted eighteen, but it’s quite possible that there were even more.  We got in the camper and drove for less than ten minutes, when I spotted a lone alpaca standing on a ridge off to the side of the road.  He looked like he was modeling just for us, making my wish come true.  It was a terrific anniversary gift!

A Long, Straight Road

Happy Anniversary, Pierre!  What are you planning to do with your prize money?

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