Chile: Digging Holes in the Desert

Day 5/Part 1–

We found the perfect spot to park last night after we had been turned away from the Flamingo Lagoon and the construction area. Pierre had backed into the desert, on a flat spot, so that the front of the camper was facing the road. Before we went to bed, we stood behind the camper and looked up at the pitch dark sky sparkling with stars. We couldn’t see a single artificial light anywhere. The night sky was breathtaking!

When we woke up this morning, the first thing I said to Pierre was, “I’m going to have use the toilet.” We had decided earlier in the trip not use the toilet or shower in the camper. It had to be emptied and cleaned before we returned the vehicle, and we were hoping to avoid that dirty chore at all costs. Neither of us have issues using the outside facilities, but pooping in the desert has it’s drawbacks–there’s nothing to hid behind!

“I have to go, too,” so I already dug a hole behind the camper while you were sleeping. You can use that one, and I’ll dig another hole when you’re finished,” Pierre explained.

Nothing to hide behind? Nothing but a big camper!

I thanked him and headed outside. I looked to the left, and then to the right, and saw that I could probably see two miles down the road on either side of the camper. Perfect! Just as I had finished, Pierre opened the back door of the camper and yelled, “After you fill the hole back in, put a rock on it to mark it!”

“Mark it? Mark it for what?” I yelled back.

“Just do it!”

I burst out laughing. I realized that he probably didn’t want to re-dig the next hole in the same place. THAT would be awful!

I was still laughing, as I climbed back up into the camper, “Your turn!”

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