Chile: Llamas and Alpacas, and Goats…Oh My!

Chile: Day 5/Part 4–
We were driving back from seeing the flamingos, and were almost back to town when I yelled, “Stop! Stop! Pull over!” Pierre is used to me yelling things out like that, so with cat-like reflexes, he pulled the camper over to the side of the road in a flash. I was so glad that he had listened, because I really wanted him to see the animal menagerie that was walking by! A man on horseback was leading llamas, alpacas, goats, and sheep. Several dogs ran around the animals keeping them all in place and moving forward—it was quite a scene!

P.S. Pierre—do you remember the sunflower field in France? LOL! ?

Llamas and alpacas, and goats…oh my!

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