Chile: Valle de la Luna

Day 5/Part 5–

After seeing the flamingos, we headed to the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), which is a short drive from the town of San Pedro de Atacama. The park is well named, because we definitely felt like we had been transported to the surface of the moon as we traveled among the rock formations, sand dunes, and salt deposits.

Although seemingly barren at first glance, the landscape showcased rich earth tones that ebbed and flowed from one moon-like formation to the next. Most intriguing however, were the huge sand dunes. Unfortunately, their scope and magnitude just can’t be captured by a cellphone camera. The scene was blanketed by a very blue sky, which was the “cherry” on the top of a very special cake.

Huge Sand Dunes
Tres Marias: These formations are believed to be approximately 1 million years old.
“Hello…it’s me!”
Bird poop or salt?
Volcán Licancabur (Pierre’s Mountain) in the distance!

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