Book #19–The Dictionary of Difficult Words

Yesterday, I finished a week-long training in Arlington, VA. and two of my participants approached me at the end of the day to chat with me, and to give me a gift.

They gave me a book called, ‘The Dictionary of Difficult Words,’ because they thought I would love it—they were right! Even more lovely was the hand-written thank you card that accompanied it. Their words really touched me—it’s nice being thanked and appreciated!

Marsha & Maria–thank you so much for thinking of me!

I read the book cover-to-cover this morning and I really enjoyed it! As promised, it’s filled with lots & lots of difficult words. I can tell this will be a book that I revisit many times!

Kenspeckle (adjective)–

“If something is kenspeckle, it’s easy to recognize or easy to see.”

2 thoughts on “Book #19–The Dictionary of Difficult Words

  1. Melanie Clare

    Hi Candee!

    I attended the IMSE conference in Arlington in July and I have a question – not about OG but about your IPAD and how you used it as a document scanner. Was this just the camera you used to project onto the screen? Thanks for your help. Hope you are enjoying your travels!

    Best regards,
    Melanie (from Panama)

    1. mm Candee

      Hi there~
      I used the camera function on my ipad to project what I was writing, or to model finger tapping or syllable division (for example). I switched back and forth between ‘camera mode’ and keynote (which is the program I used to show my slides). I hope this helps!

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