Lunch & Dinner

Portugal 2019/Part 10–

We’ve been eating well in Portugal. When we were in Sintra I had traditional Portuguese Cod cakes for lunch, and when we got back to Lisbon that evening, we opted for Italian. We went to a place near Christina and Sussie’s hotel called, Mercantina. We all ordered one of their specialty pizzas. I’ve eaten a lot of good pizza in my life, but this pizza was amazing!

In addition to cheese, ham, and arugula, the surprise topping was pistachios, if you can believe it! Pistachio is my favorite flavor of ice cream…but pistachios on a pizza? I just had to try it, and I’m glad that I did. After giving it a big of thought, it actually does make sense because nuts and cheese go well together. (And with wine—of course!)

Fried Cod Cakes
Pizza with Pistachios!

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