Portugal 2019/Part 7–

The entrance to my hotel had two doors to walk through before stepping into the lobby, or of course the opposite way, stepping out to the street. One door said, “push” and the other door said, “pull.” It was written in plain English, and I still did the wrong thing every single time I tried to enter and leave the building. It drove me CRAZY! I finally had to put it to song…”First you push, push, push…then you pull, pull, pull!”

I finally decided that it was a great “people watching mechanism,” and I was able to humor myself on several occasions while I waited for Christina & Sussie to pick me up in the taxi. I would watch a person approach, and most did it the wrong way on the first try. Each one would step back, look at the door, and then shake their head. I imagined them thinking–this is the dumbest thing that I’ve ever seen!

First you push, push, push…then you pull, pull, pull!

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