My Coronavirus Camino–Week 4

I just finished Week 4 of my walking challenge, which I’ve nicknamed, ‘My Coronavirus Camino.’ The rules are simple, I’m going to walk every day for a minimum of two miles until I reach 500 miles. There is no rush to finish–I’m just going to do it! This ‘magic number’ is the length of the Camino Frances in France/Spain.

  • 4/9/2020–6.50 miles
  • 4/10/2020–3.28 miles
  • 4/11/2020–4.51 miles
  • 4/12/2020–3.04 miles
  • 4/13/2020–5.38 miles
  • 4/14/2020–2.83 miles
  • 4/15/2020–3.14 miles
Total for the Week--28.68 miles
Total for 'My Coronavirus Camino'--133.67 miles
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My good news is that after being without work/income for four weeks, the company that I work for made the leap to virtual trainings. I conducted my very first virtual training this week from Tuesday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Since I was either prepping to train, or training, my walking routine took a bit of a hit mileage wise. With that said, I stuck to my goal of walking at least two miles every day! As of today, I’ve walked for 28 days straight. I’m also happy to report that I’ve lost 14.6 pounds since January 1st. The weight certainly isn’t falling off, but I’m pleased that the number is going in the right direction on the scale!

My “funny” for this week, is that after walking we ordered Chinese take-out on Easter Sunday. We’ve never done that before, but it felt nice to support a local restaurant.

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